USP Jack3d

USP Jack3d is another product that everyone has to review so let me get it done. There are so many other the bodybuilding supplement reviews out there.
I used this a few months ago after recieving a massive amount of sample packs courtesy of USP Labs through working at GNC..
I used it for about 3 weeks at 5 workouts a week.
Effectiveness: The first few workouts with USP Jack3d were intense enough. Great energy and focus was awesome. I remember looking in the mirror during the first workout and my pupils were freakishly dialated.. pretty wicked I must admit. Strength was up a little but nothing crazy.. but unfortunately the pump was average at best. BTW I have and always have loved the Beta Alanine tingle!
Mixability: Mixed well and with a smaller amount its nice to not have to drink 8-10 oz of liquid prior to training. Quick and easy 3-4oz shot and your done.
Taste: I had the lemon and it’s not terrible. A little strong at first but then again I was the kid that sat around and ate kool-aid powder for fun. I tell everyone that the lemon tastes exactly like country time lemonaid without sugar.
Flaw: My body got use to this after the first week or so. It was a dramatic drop off but again everybodies body chemestry is different so no biggie.
Value: I don’t think it gets any better than free.. but even at 45 servings for around 28 bucks, you can’t beat that.
Jack3d is great for everyone who wants to change up their pre workout or for those who are new to the game. Simple formula, easy to take, and not a lot of cash to fork out. However, for those who don’t like it or people like me with varied tolerences.. I think the 1MR product would be worth a try. You get the same 5 ingredients as in jack3d plus a little l-tyrosine for an additional adrenal kick. It has grape-seed to aid the arginine in vasodialation and to also provide antioxidant support along with the vitamin c to help suppress the arginase enzyme which keeps your NO levels regulated. Suppress that and get better pumps.. Just a little free education for the bad reviewers.
Overall it’s another winner from USP Labs.

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